Sexual Harassment - New York Adult Survivors Act

The New York Adult Survivors Act allows a one-year window for otherwise time-barred civil claims arising out of sexual offenses committed.

Beginning on November 24, 2022, through November 24, 2023. Survivors have one year window to press charges regardless of the year the assault occurred. 

Why Is The One Year Window So Important?

Typically, New Yorker’s have a limited window of time to file a civil claim for sexual assault. However, The New York Adult Survivor has created a special one-year window where you can file civil claims to hold individuals and organizations accountable, no matter when your assault occurred.

The New York Adult Survivors Act recognizes that survivors need time to process and overcome the trauma that comes with sexual assault. More time than New York law currently allows. This act allows those that previously missed a window to get another chance.

Who Can File Under The Adult Survivor Act?

The Adult Survivor Act provides a window for survivors of sexual assault to seek justice and expands the liability of institutions that enabled or allowed past abuse. If you were 18 years or older and a resident of New York State when the assault occurred, you are eligible to file.

How Do I Know If My Employer Played A Part In My Assault?

The Adult Survivors Act applies to anyone who has suffered a sexual assault. That includes employees who were sexually assaulted at work or by someone with whom they work. The new law allows survivors to sue their abusers individually as well as the institutions that may have protected the abuser. The Adult Survivors Act also follows additional employee protections enacted in recent federal law.

If you are experiencing or have experienced workplace sexual harassment, abuse or discrimination based on sex, please reach out to the expert employment attorneys at Outten & Golden. We strive to provide dignified, holistic representation to all of our clients.

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