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Accountability at the top for those who fail to call out and investigate sexual misconduct in the workplace is as critical to addressing this pervasive problem as consequences for the actual perpetrator. Under a recent decision in a case involving McDonald's, accountability for corporate officers can include significant personal liability when they turn a blind eye to sexual misconduct or a toxic work environment.

Leaders Can't Ignore "Red Flags" About Workplace Sexual Misconduct


Following the lead of New York City and other states like California and Washington, New York State recently passed a law requiring employers with four or more employees to publish the minimum and maximum pay range for any advertised position. Effective on September 17, 2023, the amendment to the state's labor law advances the goal of pay equity by providing applicants and current employees with greater information about the salary ranges of similarly situated colleagues. As Gov. Kathy Hochul said when signing the bill, "This historic measure will usher in a new era of fairness and transparency for New York's workforce and will be a critical tool in our efforts to end pervasive pay gaps for women and people of color."