Family Responsibilities & Disability Discrimination

Professional Family Responsibilities & Disability Discrimination Attorneys

Outten & Golden family responsibilities & disability discrimination attorneys have decades of experience representing employees with disabilities and who may need reasonable accommodations in the workplace, and employees who need to take leaves of absence because of pregnancymedical conditions, or caregiving responsibilities. We believe that employment decisions should be based on what people can do and not based on myths, fears, and stereotypes about their disabilities.

Disability Discrimination in the Workplace is Illegal

We are experts in federal disability laws, including the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (“ADA”), and state and locals laws that protect individuals with disabilities from discrimination in the workplace. Our disability discrimination attorneys are experienced with the complex issues surrounding whether employees have disabilities under the legal definition pursuant to federal, state, or local laws; whether employees are entitled to accommodations for their disabilities and, if so, what types of accommodations. .

Disability discrimination takes various forms, some subtle and some more overt. Common examples of disability discrimination include:

  • Failing to provide reasonable accommodations to employees with physical limitations so they can perform their job
  • Refusing to hire a qualified applicant because of a perceived disability
  • Not allowing injured or ill employees who take approved medical leaves of absence to return to their previous positions
  • Asking job applicants questions about their health or medical status
  • Allowing harassment of a disabled employee to continue despite complaints

Protections Against Family Responsibility Discrimination in the Workplace

Our family responsibilities discrimination attorneys are dedicated to fighting all forms of discrimination and retaliation against pregnant employees and those who take family, medical, or other leaves of absence. We have successfully negotiated, mediated, and litigated many pregnancy and family responsibility discrimination and retaliation matters involving:

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While we prefer to negotiate a reasonable settlement to get a client back to work or obtain fair compensation, if a return to the position is impossible, we do not hesitate to litigate on behalf of our clients when that is the best strategy. As one of the largest employee-side employment law firms in the United States, we have the resources and experience to advocate effectively for employees at all levels of the judicial system. 

If you have experienced discrimination based on a disability or family responsibilities please contact us today. Our compassionate disability discrimination attorneys in San FranciscoWashington, DC, and New York City are available to assist you with your employment case.

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