Litigation, Arbitration & Dispute Resolution

Outten & Golden is a national leader in litigation and dispute resolution for workers, professionals, executives, and independent contractors. Working with our attorneys, you’ll have the benefit of a passionate and experienced team that will zealously advance your interests – protecting you from economic injustice and unlawful practices, upholding your civil rights, and leveling the balance of power between you and your employer’s formidable resources.

Damages Assessments

Our attorneys frequently help employees assess the monetary value of their legal claims. Many factors go into this evaluation, including the nature of the claim, the nature and weight of the evidence, and the amount of money lost. We are experienced at assessing these potential damages and advising clients on whether it makes financial sense to pursue their claims.

Negotiation + Mediation

Many employment disputes can be resolved without litigation, and without completing a formal court process and obtaining a ruling from a judge. Through negotiation, employers and employees may be able to reach a settlement that ends their dispute. Mediation, a formal negotiation process in which a third-party facilitates the negotiation between parties, can also be used to resolve cases early.


Arbitration for dispute resolution is an alternative to court litigation that some employers make mandatory. Outten & Golden attorneys have been successfully arbitrating cases for years. We use a variety of tools and resources to evaluate your specific employment situation and problems before recommending an appropriate approach.


Litigation begins when a plaintiff files a lawsuit in court, and it can end in a negotiated agreement, or by a judge or jury’s ruling for either party. When litigation is necessary, we don’t hesitate to file a lawsuit, and you’ll have the benefit of working with a national leader in state, federal, and appellate litigation for employees. We also frequently defend employees who are subject to litigation filed by their employer, passionately protecting their interests throughout the litigation process. 

Class Action Litigation

Class action litigation requires unique resources, insights, and experience to prosecute successfully. Outten & Golden has represented hundreds of thousands of workers in many of the largest and most impactful employment class actions in the U.S. Many of our precedent setting victories have involved the largest corporations in America, where we successfully worked to protect civil rights, address pay inequities, eradicate unlawful discrimination and harassment in the workplace, and advance workers’ rights.  


Discovery is the process of requesting and obtaining evidence from the opposing party, and producing our own evidence as the law requires while protecting it as the law permits. This is important since all parties in a case are obligated to retain evidence from the time they reasonably anticipate litigation. Discovery can be time-consuming, but it can yield a goldmine of evidence that supports your claim or refutes your employer's case. Outten & Golden attorneys have years of experience in this area, including depositions of witnesses, paper-based discovery, and e-discovery of e-mails and information stored on electronic devices.


It is common for legal disputes between employees and employers to end with a settlement agreement, which is a contract that ends a dispute that is in negotiation, mediation, arbitration, or litigation. Outten & Golden attorneys have extensive experience negotiating the terms of settlement agreements and counseling employees to help them understand the value of their claims, what their settlement agreements require, and how to fulfill their obligations under the agreements.

(*Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome.)