Outten & Golden is a leader in eDiscovery for the plaintiffs bar.  Our attorneys and other litigation support personnel assist other lawyers and firms representing employees with e-discovery in employment-related litigation. Our level of involvement varies based on the needs of the attorney/firm. As co-counsel for eDiscovery expertise, O&G regularly:

  • Negotiates ESI protocols, including search terms and technology-assisted review (TAR)
  • Assists with data depositions
  • Early Case Assessment (ECA) of productions, including document dumps, using advanced analytics
  • Navigate structured data (database) discovery

Discovery of electronically-stored information (ESI) is critical to establishing the foundation of a successful case, especially in asymmetrical litigation. O&G's eDiscovery leaders pride themselves on establishing effective strategies and workflows to make discovery work.

Through early case assessment and meet and confers with opposing parties and counsel, O&G is experienced in getting the discovery required in all types of cases including civil rights discrimination and wage and hour violations.

O&G has partnerships with industry leaders in computer forensics and ESI collections, to help navigate the minefield of client data collection obligations.

When handling client data and ESI, or opposing party productions, large data volumes can be overwhelming to process, host, review, and produce. O&G has industry-leading tools at its fingertips to cost-effectively and efficiently manage any and all of these phases of the eDiscovery Reference Model (EDRM).

(*Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome.)