Employment Agreements & Executive Agreements

Employment Contracts, Partnerships & Non-Compete Agreements

Outten & Golden attorneys work tirelessly for our clients to ensure that they are protected from obligations that are unfair and unreasonable; that their executive compensation packages are sound and well structured; and that their positions are appropriate for them and the type of organization they are joining.

Our lawyers are highly skilled at negotiating the terms of employment and executive agreements, including non-compete and non-solicit provisions. We are aggressive about protecting our clients from entering into agreements that are unfair or that could later prevent them from working in their chosen profession. We counsel clients not to sign any agreements without speaking to an attorney first because these provisions can be overbroad and unreasonable.We negotiate executive agreements, change in control agreements, and all other types of employment agreements across all industries — as well as around the world, when we negotiate expatriate agreements.

An employment agreement or executive agreement is a legal document generally entered into before the start of the employment relationship between an executive and an employer that sets forth the material terms of the relationship. It can include the duration of employment, the compensation, benefits, and equity arrangements, and the duties and responsibilities of the executive and employer.  It can also include obligations of the executive such as non-competition, non-solicitation, confidentiality, and preserving trade secrets. Employment agreements may also establish the venue and choice of law when a dispute arises as well as a mechanism for dispute resolution.