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Litigation, Arbitration & Dispute Resolution

Outten & Golden attorneys have been successfully arbitrating cases for years. We use a variety of tools and resources to evaluate the employment situation and problems before recommending an appropriate approach for each individual client. Arbitration for dispute resolution is an alternative to court litigation that some employers make mandatory.

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Easterling v. State Of Connecticut Department Of Correction


On May 30, 2008, Outten & Golden and Public Citizen Litigation Group filed a sex discrimination class action on behalf of Cherie Easterling, and all other women denied a position as a Correction Officer with the Connecticut Department of Correction because they failed the 1.5 mile run aspect of the...


An Epic Year? High Court's Class Waiver Ruling Turns 1

Law360 - Braden Campbell

The U.S. Supreme Court's decision to bless class action waivers in Epic Systems Corp. v. Lewis was seen as a clear-cut win for employers, but on its first birthday, practitioners say the decision's impact has been muted as businesses weigh the potential costs of arbitration and growing public backlash against denying workers a day in court.  

The high court's May 21, 2018, decision held that making workers sign arbitration agreements waiving their rights to pursue class actions does not violate the National Labor Relations Act, cementing employers' ability to funnel wage-and-hour and...

Winston & Strawn Loss May Squeeze Atty Arbitration Pacts

Law—Andrew Strickler

A California appeals court decision sinking Winston & Strawn LLP's arbitration agreement with a former attorney suing the firm for discrimination will encourage "for hire" lawyers and others outside firms' power structures to fight contracts that seek to block legal disputes from reaching the courtroom, experts say.

The First Appellate District holding in favor of former Winston patent lawyer Constance Ramos, who opposed having her gender bias case transferred to an arbiter, should also encourage law firms to rein in overly aggressive arbitration provisions, both for legal and business...

Awkward or Worse: When Partners Sue Their Firms and Stay on Board—Scott Flaherty

Attorneys bringing suit face personal and professional repercussions—not to mention an uncomfortable workplace—but nonetheless feel litigation has a purpose.

Most Big Law partners would probably hesitate to file a lawsuit or pursue a dispute in arbitration against their firms. After all, it’s likely to present that lawyer with in an unenviable choice: continuing to work alongside fellow partners as the legal claim remains active, or attempting to move elsewhere with the hope that the suit doesn’t stain future job prospects.

For those reasons and others, litigating a dispute against one’s...