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Effective Whistleblower Attorneys Protecting Employees Against Retaliation In The Workplace

Outten & Golden’s Whistleblower & Retaliation Practice Group consists of experienced whistleblower attorneys working to protect employees from employer retaliation for lawful conduct, including complaining about discrimination and blowing the whistle on other kinds of legal violations.

Legal Protections for Whistleblowers at Work

Extensive statutory and case law prohibits various forms of employer retaliation against employees who engage in legally proper, necessary, or desirable activities. Many basic principles of retaliation law are well-established. Whistleblower protections extend to both public and private sector employers. Working with a whistleblower lawyer can help you to understand and utilize these protections.

Public sector employers are subject to federal whistleblower protections through a variety of federal statutes, including those addressing public health and safety, such as the Occupational Safety & Health Act, the Department of Defense Authorization Act, and the Clean Air Act, as well as state statutory and common law protections. 

Private sector employees are also protected under a variety of federal statutes regulating employment or business practices. Notably, the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, which overhauls and strengthens federal oversight of the financial system, attempts to ensure that, in the future, financial fraud and irregularities are exposed long before they corrupt the entire system.

A whistleblower attorney understands the gritty details regarding the federal-level and state-level laws that make up the whistleblower protections for both private and public sector employees. Whether you are located in Washington, DC, San Francisco, or New York City, we have Whistleblower attorneys experienced in dealing with all types of employment law cases and we are ready to assist you, no matter how complex your situation. 

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The legal landscape of retaliation and whistleblowing protections continues to grow. The fact that employees have multiple statutory and common law protections from retaliatory actions by their employers is extraordinarily important, both for the public interest and for the affected employees. Such protections enable whistleblowers and their counsel not only to vindicate the public interest but also to obtain remedies for employees who have been injured by their employer’s retaliatory actions. 

If you have questions regarding your unique work situation contact us to speak to one of our whistleblower attorneys today.

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