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Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender & Queer Workplace Rights (LGBTQ)

Molly A. Brooks - Class Action Employment Law Lawyer New York City

Molly A. Brooks

New York Office

At Outten & Golden, we take great pride in protecting and promoting lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer individuals’ workplace rights and in serving LGBTQ communities in all areas of employment law.

As an LGBTQ-friendly firm, our lawyers understand that an employee’s LGBTQ identity – as self-identified or perceived by others – can affect all aspects of the employment relationship, often in subtle ways. Whether we are negotiating an employment contract, litigating or negotiating a discrimination claim, or simply giving employment-related advice, we are mindful of these experiences.

Our law firm is dedicated to fighting all forms of discrimination against LGBTQ employees. Our lawyers – some of whom are leaders in education and advocacy work concerning LGBTQ rights and are themselves members of LGBTQ communities – have successfully negotiated, mediated, and litigated discrimination matters involving:

  • Gender identity and gender expression discrimination
  • Sexual orientation discrimination
  • Retaliation for asserting protected LGBTQ rights
  • Sex stereotyping
  • Family, medical, and other leaves of absence
  • HIV/AIDS status discrimination
  • Executive compensation negotiations
  • Severance negotiations
  • Partnership matters
  • Class actions and impact litigation
  • General employment-related problem-solving.

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