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Class & Collective Action

Adam T. Klein - Nationwide Employment Class Action Lawyer

Adam T. Klein

Managing Partner
New York Office
Justin Swartz - Class Action Employment lawyer New York City

Justin M. Swartz

New York Office
Rachel M. Bien - Class Action Employment Lawyer Los Angeles, CA

Rachel Bien

Los Angeles Office

Outten & Golden’s class action and impact litigation practice group has consistently sought to curb systemic employer abuses of workers, ranging from economic exploitation to gender- and race-based discrimination.

From offices in New York, NY, San Francisco, CA, and Washington, DC, Outten & Golden's class action team prosecutes cases nationwide involving:

Wage and Hour Violations:

Employment Discrimination:

  • Promotion and compensation claims based on gender or race, including glass ceilings and sticky floors
  • Account assignment/business allocation discrimination based on gender in the financial services industry
  • Hiring discrimination based on criminal records
  • Hiring discrimination based on credit history

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