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Outten & Golden attorneys have substantial experience prosecuting and settling employment class actions and are well versed in class action law. Recognized by federal courts as leaders in this area of expertise, Outten & Golden is extremely qualified to manage and prosecute complex multi-party class actions on behalf of large numbers of employees.

When employers violate employment laws, they often do so against groups of similar employees at once.  In those situations, class actions allow employees to vindicate their rights as a group, which is more efficient economically and creates strength in numbers.

Outten & Golden attorneys have successfully negotiated multi-million dollar settlements for workers in overtime, tip theft, and other wage suits.*   O&G lawyers represent classes of workers in diverse industries, from low-wage workers in sweatshops to technology consultants in high-tech markets and professionals in the financial services industry.  Outten & Golden is recognized as prominent law firm in class litigation by dozens of courts and by workers’ rights organizations that have honored us with prestigious awards for our work in employment class litigation.

(*Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome.)

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On July 10, 2019, Chief Judge Terrence W. Boyle of the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of North Carolina issued a ruling that allows plaintiffs, represented by Outten & Golden LLP and our co-counsel, the North Carolina Justice Center and Patterson Harkavy LLP, to notify all people allegedly harmed by the defendants’ compensation practices to join this class and collective action.


Nonprofit Gets Leftover Funds From Mario Batali Wage Deal

Law360 - Tim Ryan

A workers' rights nonprofit can receive the leftovers of a $5.25 million settlement that resolved a wage and hour lawsuit from waitstaff at Mario Batali's New York City restaurants, a federal magistrate judge has ruled, rejecting the celebrity chef's argument that the organization was ineligible because it previously worked with class counsel.

MSNBC Intern Sues NBC Universal

Huffington Post

NBC Universal is the latest media company to get sued by former unpaid interns.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, NBC Universal was sued by former MSNBC intern Jesse Moore, who worked in the cable network's booking department in 2011.

* * *

The legal action is the latest in a string of lawsuits filed against major media companies by former unpaid interns. Earlier this week, Charlie Rose's production company paid $110,000 to settle a lawsuit filed by former unpaid interns. In June, a Manhattan judge ruled that former interns on the set of the movie "Black Swan" were...

Angry Ex-Interns Sue Condé Nast, One Says Her Job Was Compared To 'Devil Wears Prada'

businessinsider.com—Pamela Engel

Two days after a judge ruled in favor of two ex-Fox Searchlight interns who sued over an unpaid gig they say violated the law, two former CondéNast interns have launched their own lawsuit.

Lauren Ballinger was an intern at W Magazine in 2009 and Matthew Leib interned for The New Yorker in 2009 and 2010, The New York Times reports. The New Yorker paid Leib $300 to $500 for each summer he worked at the magazine, and Ballinger said she was paid $12 a day to work in W's accessories department.

While Leib was working for The New Yorker, he reviewed pieces for submission, proofread...