Non-solicit & Non-compete Provisions

Litigation, Arbitration & Dispute Resolution

Outten & Golden’s attorneys represent our clients when disputes arise out of non-compete and non-solicit provisions. These provisions, often called restrictive covenants, are restrictions on an individual’s employment or partnership both during employment with a particular employer and after that employment ends. These provisions can prevent an individual from working in his or her own industry for some time after employment ends, or from soliciting employees, clients, or customers from her previous employer.

If an employer accuses a former employee of breaching a non-compete or non-solicitation provision, the individual can wind up as a defendant in a court action seeking to prevent that person from working for a new employer or opening a new business or practice. She could also be sued for breach of contract. We are experienced in defending executives, partners, and professionals in this kind of case, and in heading off a lawsuit or arbitration before it is filed. We can also negotiate resolutions to disputes over alleged breaches of non-compete or non-solicit provisions after adversarial proceedings have begun.

Our Executive and Professionals Practice Group has experience in restrictive covenant laws both nationally and internationally, and the attorneys write and lecture frequently on this subject.