Waivers & Releases

Terminations, Separation Agreements & U-5s

Outten & Golden attorneys are experienced in reviewing separation and settlement agreements and helping employees understand the waivers and releases that are typically contained in those and some other kinds of agreements. Our attorneys also help clients assess the value of their waiver or release.

To minimize the risk of litigation, many employers offer departing employees money (severance) or benefits in exchange for a release or waiver of liability for all claims connected with the employment relationship, including discrimination claims. While it is common for senior-level executives to negotiate severance provisions when they are hired, other employees typically are offered severance agreements that require them to sign waivers at the time of termination. Similarly, when employees resolve claims against their employers through negotiation, mediationarbitration, or litigation, they typically enter into settlement agreements that contain waivers and releases. Signing an agreement that contains waivers or releases means giving up legal rights to bring claims against one's employer; we encourage employees to speak with an Outten & Golden attorney before they sign a binding agreement containing waivers or releases.