Pay Disparity

Discrimination & Harassment

Outten & Golden is committed to ensuring that employers pay all their workers equally for equal work. Our attorneys litigate against companies that contribute to the national pay disparity between men and women and among different racial groups. The persistent wage gap in America might seem unchangeable but the attorneys at Outten & Golden believe otherwise: through individual and class action litigation, companies are forced to adhere to the law by leveling the playing field for all workers. 

Wage discrimination can come in many forms: higher hourly wages for male associates; better commission structures for some workers than others; or lucrative accounts and clients going to only white employees. Employees need experienced and knowledgeable attorneys representing their interests. Outten & Golden attorneys have brought successful* suits against some of the biggest employers in the nation and will continue to do so until pay disparity in gender, race, and other protected classes are a thing of the past. 

(*Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome.)