Uber Equal Pay and Harassment Class Action

STATUS: Resolved

Outten & Golden LLP is proud to announce the $10,000,000 class action settlement on behalf of software engineers of color and female software engineers at Uber, which also requires Uber to reform its employment practices to prevent future discrimination and harassment. The lawsuit alleges that Uber has violated California and federal law by paying female, Latino, African American, and American Indian engineers less than their peers. The lawsuit also alleges that these engineers were subjected to harassment and a hostile work environment based on their race and sex. On April 19, 2018, the Court granted preliminary approval of the settlement. The settlement requires Uber to make substantial changes designed to prevent future discrimination and harassment, including an overhaul of its systems for pay and promotions, the institution of mandatory harassment training, the creation of a formal mentorship program, and three years of monitoring by Plaintiffs counsel to ensure that Uber achieves the goals set out in the settlement.

To learn more about the lawsuit or to see if it applies to you, visit www.fairpayforengineers.com, or contact Jahan C. Sagafi at (415) 223-7847.

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