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Class Actions

Outten & Golden attorneys focus on bringing class actions against employers. When employers violate employment laws, they often do so against groups of similar employees at once. In those situations, class actions allow employees to vindicate their rights as a group, which is more efficient economically and creates strength in numbers.

We represent employees who have been victims of unlawful discrimination in the workplace, including harassment by their employers, and employees who have been victims of wage theft by their employers, such as unpaid overtime. Through class action litigation, employees can get the type and breadth of data necessary to prove that an employer has violated the law against them as a group and create company-wide changes to prevent future violations. 

Class action litigation requires a particular expertise, resources, and skills to prosecute successfully. Outten & Golden attorneys have substantial experience prosecuting and settling employment class actions and are well versed in class action law. Outten & Golden has expertise in class litigation recognized by dozens of courts and by workers’ rights organizations that have honored us with prestigious awards for our work in employment class litigation. Outten & Golden is extremely qualified to manage and prosecute complex multi-party class actions on behalf of large numbers of employees. 

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Target to Pay $3.7M to Settle Criminal History Hiring Bias Suit

Bloomberg—Big Law Business—Patrick Dorrian

Target Corp. will pay $3.74 million and give priority hiring opportunities to some black and Latino job applicants to resolve charges that its criminal background check policy illegally excluded thousands of minorities from hourly and entry-level jobs.

The April 5 filing of the preliminary settlement comes the same day the company was sued in Manhattan federal court by the Fortune Society and two workers on behalf of a proposed nationwide class. The lawsuit alleges that Target’s practice of requiring disclosure of prior convictions and other criminal history on its job applications had a...

Target Settles Background Check Suit For Nearly $3.75M

Law360—Braden Campbell

Target will give hiring preference to some of the more than 41,000 black and Latino applicants it previously denied jobs to because of their criminal histories and will pay nearly $3.75 million as part of a deal ending a proposed class suit challenging its background check policy, according to a document filed Thursday in New York federal court.

Named plaintiffs Carnella Times and Erving Smith moved the Southern District of New York on Thursday to approve the deal, which also requires Target to hire consultants to overhaul its background check system and give $600,000 to nonprofits that help...

Women Win Partial Cert. In Goldman Bias Suit

Law360—Dave Simpson

After a federal magistrate judge recommended denying their bid, a New York federal judge Friday partially granted certification to female associates and executives accusing Goldman Sachs of systematic gender bias, denying certification for claims predicated on their “boys' club” theory.

U.S. Magistrate Judge James C. Francis had recommended in March 2015 that the class not be certified because the plaintiffs failed to refute Goldman's argument that injury causation was a highly individualized process, but on Friday U.S. District Judge Analisa Torres found that, for several of the claims,...