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Nantiya Ruan, employment attorney, Outten & Golden LLP

Collective Justice: Equality in the workplace means justice for ALL workers.

Nantiya Ruan


NANTIYA RUAN is Counsel at Outten & Golden LLP, where she primarily represents employees in class discrimination and wage and hour cases.  Ruan works from her Denver office, where she is also the Hartje and Reese Chair of Lawyering Process at the University of Denver Sturm College of Law.

Prior to joining O&G in 2000, Ruan was a judicial clerk for Magistrate Judge Ronald L. Ellis in the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York. She has also clerked in the state appellate courts. From 2003 to 2004, Ruan was an associate at Goldstein, Demchak, Baller, Borgen & Dardarian in Oakland, California, a plaintiffs' firm representing workers in national civil rights litigations.

In 2004, Ruan joined the faculty at Denver Law where she teaches legal writing and advanced workplace law course.  Her scholarship explores the intersection of workers rights, complex litigation, and poverty law.  She also writes on experiential learning with clients and teaching public interest to law students.

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Bar Admissions & Professional Activities

  • Ms. Ruan is admitted to practice law only in Colorado, New York, and California.

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Speaking Engagements


  • Moderator: "Criminal Record Discrimination and Ban the Box Initiatives," National CLE Conference—Labor & Employment, Vail, CO
  • Speaker: "Employment Discrimination: The Very Latest on What You Need to Know," Law Education Institute, National CLE Conference, Vail, CO


  • Speaker: "Whistleblower Claims— Strategies for Plaintiff and Defense Counsel," Law Education Institute, National CLE Conference, Vail, CO
  • Speaker: "Latest on Class Actions: An Update," Law Education Institute, National CLE Conference, Vail, CO


  • Lecturer: "Silencing Wage Theft: The Impact of Class Waivers in Arbitration Agreements on Low-Wage Workers," Law & Society Association, Annual Meeting


  • Co-Lecturer: "Who’s Afraid of the Big Wage Suit," Washington University Law School & St. Louis University Law School, Fifth Annual Colloquium on Current Scholarship in Labor & Employment Law, St. Louis, MO
  • Lecturer: "RIFs: Overview and Update," Law Education Institute, 27th Annual National CLE Conference, Vail, CO
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Publications & Articles

Corporate Masters & Low-Wage Servants: The Social Control of Workers in Poverty

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Fair Labor Standards Act, Cumulative Supplements (2014 and 2017)

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Nantiya Ruan, co-authored with Rachel Arnow-Richman, West Academic Publishing, 2016

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Challenges to Non-Selection Screening Devices: The Disparate Impact of Credit and Criminal Background Checks

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Stabilizing Low-Wage Work: Legal Remedies for Unpredictable Work Hours & Income Stability

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The New 1L: First-Year Lawyering With Clients

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President Obama signs LGBT Nondiscrimination Executive Order

Nantiya Ruan, O&G Employment Law Blog, July 31, 2014 

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Scheduling Shortfalls: Hours Parity as the New Pay Equity

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Student, Esquire?: The Practice of Law in the Collaborative Classroom

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"Sexting" and Surveillance: How Smartphones Change Workplace Harassment

Nantiya Ruan, 90 Denv. Univ. L. Rev. Online 7, 2013

Same Law, Different Day: The Last Thirty Years of Wage Litigation and its Impact on Low-Wage Workers

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Nantiya Ruan, Author, 2013 Mich. State L. Rev. 1103, 2013

The Second-Class Class Action: How Courts Thwart Wage Rights by Misapplying Class Action Rules

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Experiential Learning in the First Year Curriculum: The Public Interest Partnership

Nantiya Ruan, Journal of the Association of Legal Writing Directors, Vol. 8, Fall 2011

Fair Labor Standards Act, Cumulative Supplements (2011-2017)

Nantiya Ruan, Associate Editor, 2011-2017, 2d Ed. (BNA Books).

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Nantiya Ruan, Associate Editor, 4th Ed. (BNA Books)

Employment Discrimination Law, 2009 Cumulative Supplement

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Mandatory Arbitration of Employment Class Action Disputes: From the Perspective of Plaintiffs' Counsel

Co-Authored by Adam T. Klein and Nantiya Ruan, 776 PLI/Lit. 255, 2008

Employment Discrimination Law, 2007

Nantiya Ruan, Contributor, 4th Ed., BNA Books, 2007

When Good Deeds Are Punished: The Legal Landscape of Retaliation and Whistleblowing

Co-authored by Laurence S. Moy and Nantiya Ruan, 745 PLI/Lit. 581 (2006)

Advanced Litigation Issues Under the Fair Labor Standards Act

Co-authored by Adam T. Klein and Nantiya Ruan, American Bar Association Conference for Section on Labor & Employment (Summer 2003)

Non-Compete Agreements: Emerging Issues From The Perspective Of Employee's Counsel

Co-authored by Wayne N. Outten, Anne Golden, and Nantiya Ruan, 2001.

Today more than ever, trained employees are valued by employers who want to do everything in their power to keep them from leaving and taking their skills and knowledge with them. Undoubtedly, this is due in part to our nation's unemployment rate reaching a thirty-year low. Add the current business environment of increased mobility, decreased loyalty, and the tremendous amount of capital resources spent in creating intellectual property, and companies are increasingly requiring key employees to sign harsh non-compete agreements to discourage employee defection or "corporate raiding."

The law still favors free mobility of employees. But along with an increased number of employers requiring employees to sign non-competition agreements comes an increased number of suits to enforce these restrictive covenants. Consequently, the body of law governing this area has been changing. This outline will give practical advice to employee advocates on ways to best protect their clients' interests when confronted with non-competition agreements and will examine the emerging trends in this narrow, but increasingly pertinent, area of employment law.

Marshalling the Evidence in Employment Discrimination Cases: A Perspective from the Plaintiff’s Bar

Co-authored by Wayne Outten, Parisis Filippatos, Scott Moss and Nantiya Ruan, 657 PLI/Lit. 101 (2001)

Overview of Workplace Claims in New York: Perspective of Employees’ Counsel

Co-authored by Wayne Outten, Anne Golden, Parisis Filippatos, Scott Moss & Nantiya Ruan, 662 PLI/Lit. 1179 (2001)

Practice Pointers on Opposing the Affirmative Defense that the Employer Took Reasonable Steps to Prevent Sexual Harassment: Perspective of a Plaintiff's Attorney

Co-authored with Wayne Outten, Scott Moss & Nantiya Ruan, 656 PLI/Lit. 187 (2001)

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