The Family Medical Leave Act: 2015 Cumulative Supplement

Cara E. Greene, Chapter 10 Editor, ABA/BNA Books, 2015

The 2015 Cumulative Supplement analyzes and explains the several statutory and regulatory updates to the FMLA that have occurred through 2015. To build upon the substantial changes that resulted from the 2009 Final Rule, the Cumulative Supplement discusses the 2013 Final Rule that implemented the 2008 and 2009 statutory amendments to the military exigency and caregiver leave provisions and the 2009 airline flight crew provisions. It also incorporates the 2015 Final Rule that broadened the definition of family member to include same-sex spouses, as well as the 2015 Department of Labor FMLA form revisions. In addition, the Cumulative Supplement addresses significant developments on topics including Eligibility for leave, calculation of leave, and pay and benefits during leave Restoration rights Caring for family members (including the broader definition of spouse ) The interplay between the FMLA and employer policies regarding notice, certification, and fitness-for-duty certifications The continuing application of prejudice and estoppel standards after Ragsdale v. Wolverine Worldwide, Inc. in cases alleging defective notice Coverage of employers, standards of proof, notice requirements, enforcement, remedies, and more