Shareholder & Operating Agreements

Employment Contracts, Partnerships & Non-Compete Agreements

Outten & Golden attorneys are highly skilled at negotiating the terms of shareholder and operating agreements and assisting employees in understanding their terms and legal ramifications. We are aggressive about protecting our clients from entering into agreements that are unfair or that could later prevent them from working in their chosen profession.

When an employer breaches a shareholder or operating agreement, our attorneys work to negotiate an amicable resolution of the dispute. When that is not possible, our attorneys are highly skilled in pursuing claims in litigation and arbitration. When a tax specialist is required to explain the tax consequences of shareholder and operating agreements, we have professionals available to ensure that our clients receive the best advice.

Shareholder and operating agreements arise in various contexts when employees are granted ownership interests in a company. While shareholder and operating agreements are often seen in law firms, accounting firms, medical practices, financial services firms, and other professional firmsthey may arise in any industry. Shareholder and operating agreements often contain terms outlining ownership and management structure, awards of equity and stock, and shareholder voting rights. In addition, shareholder and operating agreements may contain non-competition and non-solicitation agreements.