Executive Compensation

Executive Compensation, Benefits & Bonuses

Outten & Golden attorneys structure and negotiate complex compensation and benefits packages for executives. We are experienced in compensation packages for executives in public and closely held corporations. When a tax specialist is required, we have professionals available to ensure that our clients receive the best advice. We work tirelessly for our clients to ensure that their executive compensation package is equitable and well structured. 

Executive compensation is the cash, deferred compensation, and perquisites received by an officer of a company or a firm. Financial compensation packages often include a mixture of base salary, bonuses, and deferred compensation or long-term incentive compensation consisting of restricted sharesstock options, and/or other types of equity compensation. What often differentiates executive compensation from that of other employees at the company is the level of benefits and perquisites the employee enjoys, including but not limited to senior medical health plans, retirement and supplemental retirement plans, supplemental savings plans, as well as the ability to use a company car, travel in business or first class exclusively, or have access to other benefits available only to executives of the company.

Executive bonus arrangements, deferred compensation, golden parachutes, stock and equity plans, and severance are governed, in part, by Internal Revenue Code Sections 409A and 280G, and now TARP and ARRA.