Early Case Assessment (ECA)


In discovery, it is crucial to develop a strategy for both requesting and responding to discovery. What discovery is crucial to a case? What discoverable ESI does our client have?

Opposing Party Data

Outten & Golden’s E-Discovery team can help plan a roadmap and strategy to request and receive vital discovery from opposing parties. From initial consultations and planning, to assisting with drafting interrogatories and requests for production, meet and confers, and even assisting with or taking discovery-related depositions, O&G can be the lawyer’s lawyer for eDiscovery.

Discovery Responses

Meeting our own discovery obligations are also a change unto themselves. O&G has years of experience navigating the minefield of clients’ ESI. We have relationships with numerous computer forensics and data collection firms, and can also recommend and implement defensible self-collection methodologies where applicable. Most crucially, our aim is to find the most efficient, cost-effective and manageable collection methodology for our clients’ data, all while maintaining defensibility. Our team can advise on a process and help identify the best vendors, handle the end-to-end process, or wherever in between makes the most sense.