Advanced ESI Analytics


Advanced analytics play a crucial role in both creating efficiencies and cost savings, but also in helping to find the most important documents quickly. From the early stages of ECA to prioritizing a document review, we can help your case through advanced tools such as predictive coding and technology-assisted review (TAR), concept clustering, timelines and mapping.

Concept clustering can help paint a picture of what themes and topics are prevalent and important in your documents. These document topics not only inform the early case assessment phase, but can help streamline and prioritize subsequent reviews. Similarly, data timelines and communication mapping can inform when custodians’ data is most prevalent and with whom they are communicating most often.

TAR can play an important role in both review and production for both parties, but also in prioritization of incoming productions. Continuous Active Learning (CAL), often referred to as TAR 2.0, allows for simple and flexible document prioritization to help find relevant and important documents fast. O&G’s CAL tools also provide modeling to make reviews more predictable, and therefore easy to prepare and plan.