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Outten & Golden attorneys fight to ensure that workers are paid all the compensation they have earned. We represent workers whose employers have violated federal and/or local laws governing minimum wage, overtime, misclassification, exemptions, tips, commissions, prevailing wages, and other kinds of compensation. We often represent groups of workers who have suffered the same kind of wage theft by the same employer in class or collective actions.

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Bloomberg Staffers Lawsuit


Note: For more information, please visit our Bloomberg Staffers website.

In November 2019, Mike Bloomberg announced his candidacy for President of the United States and thereafter his campaign began hiring staff, including field...

Recovery Connections Community


On July 10, 2019, Chief Judge Terrence W. Boyle of the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of North Carolina issued a ruling that allows plaintiffs, represented by Outten & Golden LLP and our co-counsel, the North Carolina Justice Center and Patterson Harkavy LLP, to notify all people allegedly harmed by the defendants’ compensation practices to join this class and collective action.


United Pilots Seek Class Cert. In Paid Military Leave Suit


Pooja Shethji of Outten & Golden LLP, who is representing White, said Monday that she is hopeful the court would grant certification to the classes.

"That outcome would be in line with decisions from other courts in recent USERRA actions against airlines companies," Shethji said.

7 Supreme Court Wage And Hour Petitions To Watch In 2022


Moira Heiges-Goepfert, an Outten & Golden LLP attorney who represents California workers, said the case sets up an opportunity for the justices to explain just how much of an impact a state law needs to have on motor carriers to trigger FAAAA preemption.

"It's a perfect policy question," she said. "What does 'related to' mean?"

"The Ninth Circuit is saying the state law has to be pretty closely related to a price, route, or service, a very specific interpretation," she said. "Whereas the First Circuit has taken a much broader view and said anything that has a significant impact on routes or prices or service would be enough to be preempted."

Read more at: https://www.law360.com/articles/1448875/7-supreme-court-wage-and-hour-p…

Workers' Rights Org. Backs Lyft Driver's Sick Leave Appeal

Law360 - Max Kutner

The D.C. Circuit should get to consider whether Lyft drivers are engaged in interstate commerce and therefore exempt from a federal arbitration law, a worker-side employment law group said in a friend-of-the-court filing in a D.C. federal court case regarding paid sick leave.