Two major finance #MeToo cases will head to trial in 2023. It could be a moment of reckoning for Wall Street


Cristina Chen-Oster, a former vice president at Goldman Sachs, filed a complaint against the bank 17 years ago, alleging harassment and gender discrimination. The case is finally heading to trial in 2023, alongside 1,400 plaintiffs in a gender-bias class action. As Fortune senior writer Maria Aspan writes in a new feature story, Chen-Oster’s “fight against Goldman Sachs is almost old enough to go to college.”

The upcoming litigation is one of two major Wall Street cases over harassment and discrimination scheduled for trial in the first half of next year. And it could usher a #MeToo reckoning “in an industry that uses every tactic available to keep these issues from ever seeing the light of day,” Chen-Oster’s attorney told Aspan. 

Investor Sara Tirschwell is bringing forward the second case against the bond trading giant TCW Group. Tirschwell alleged in a 2018 lawsuit that she was sexually harassed by her boss and then fired in retaliation for reporting it.