Gristedes $lapped

New York Post - Bruce Golding
August 7, 2012

Talk about walking off with the store!

The lawyers who scored a $3.5 million overtime deal for Gristedes supermarket workers will get paid even more than that themselves, a judge ruled yesterday.

Manhattan federal Judge Paul Crotty awarded $3.4 million-plus in legal fees to the law firm of Outten & Golden and nearly $450,000 in costs dating to 2004.

Crotty rejected Gristedes’ arguments that the law firm which specializes in class-action, labor-law cases should be limited to one-third of its clients’ recovery.

He noted the vigorous approach to litigating this case ” by the supermarket chain and its billionaire owner, John Catsimatidis, saying, They cannot now complain as to the amount that plaintiffs were forced to expend in response. ”

It looks like this particular judge just hates us, ” fumed Catsimatidis, a potential mayoral candidate.

He blasted the decision as outrageous ” and totally unfair, ” adding that he will likely appeal.

Outten & Golden partner Justin Swartz said the firm was pleased ” with the ruling.