Cara Greene is Fighting For Equal Pay

May 11, 2023

Cara Greene has a strict employees-only policy. She’s spent nearly two decades working in employment law where she tackles the many forms discrimination takes in the workplace. Pervasive systems built to favor some and leave others behind still sit stubbornly in place at many establishments. More than that though, Greene explains that “companies rely on a confidential, opaque process to avoid accountability.” Perhaps that’s why she’s so passionate about working for the workers.

A partner at Outten & Golden in New York, Greene litigates equal pay and discrimination disputes and advises executives and lawyers on their own employment matters. She has litigated a mix of individual and class action suits on behalf of a wide variety of clients, ranging from low-wage hourly workers to highly compensated professionals and everyone in between. Regardless of the case, regardless of the client, Greene wholeheartedly believes that “everyone deserves the same quality of legal representation.”