Outten Golden Celebrates the Social Justice Endeavors of Adhikaar at In-house Reception

May 26, 2015
Olivia Quinto

On May 20th, Outten & Golden attorneys Wayne Outten, Kathleen Peratis, Christopher McNerney, and Shirley Lin hosted a celebration at the firm’s New York office in honour of the O&G 2015 Public Interest Award recipient, Adhikaar.

After giving a speech on behalf of the firm, Managing Partner Wayne Outten presented the award to Luna Ranjit, co-founder and executive director of Adhikaar, along with a $10,000 check for the organization.

Among its social justice endeavors, which include protecting the rights of immigrant workers, Adhikaar has most recently steered a crusade against wage theft and unsafe work conditions in nail salons, a subject that has garnered much attention in the New York Times over the past few weeks and that Governor Andrew Cuomo addressed with a crackdown on wage theft and potentially unsafe conditions at these salons. Adhikaar also lobbied for the successful passage of the New York State Domestic Worker Bill of Rights.

Presenting the award among Outten & Golden colleagues, staff, and several members of the Nepali community, Wayne Outten said, “[Adhikaar] is an extraordinary example of how passionate, dedicated, smart people can get a lot done […] protecting people in terms of wages and health. Adhikaar is truly making a difference for those in need. I can’t think of a more propitious time for this award, as the whole world becomes aware of the abuse of workers in the nail salons.”

At the end of the ceremony, Luna Ranjit discussed Adhikaar’s work, saying, “Thank you to the people who funded us before all of this became trendy. Our work has just begun; There is a lot more to be done.” 

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