Commitment to Equity and Engagement

Vision Statement

Outten & Golden will embody the diverse, inclusive, and equitable workplace that it promotes on behalf of its clients every day. 

Our firm credo of “Excellence and Integrity Above All Else” means that we will:

  • Empower all to be responsible for fostering an inclusive community at O&G;
  • Engage in constructive communication to ensure transparency and accountability;
  • Maintain policies and practices to provide every employee the opportunity to succeed; and,
  • Commit to ongoing reflection, activities and learning in support of cultural competence.

Equity and Engagement in Action at Outten & Golden

We appreciate that everyone at Outten & Golden offers unique strengths, talents, and competencies, and that by respecting and honoring each individual we can work together as a cohesive team to provide our clients with the best possible service and legal representation. Through recruitment and advancement, mentoring, training and education, and ongoing communication, we aim to help all of the attorneys and staff develop their skills, achieve their goals, and strengthen internal relationships.

Our Equity and Engagement Committee identifies challenges and opportunities, and implements programs and initiatives consistent with our core principles.

Promoting Equity and Engagement in Our Communities

Outside the firm, Outten & Golden is committed to seeking diversity and inclusion in the legal profession, both locally and nationally.

Our attorneys and staff frequently write and speak on diversity-related topics, and are actively engaged in organizations such as:

  • AF3IRM/Gabriela Network for Immigrant and Women’s Rights
  • American Bar Association – Commission on Women
  • American Bar Association - Committee on Equal Employment Opportunity
  • Human Rights Watch – Women’s Right Division
  • LGBT Bar Association of Greater New York
  • National LGBT Bar Association
  • New York City Bar Association - Committee on Civil Rights Under Law
  • New York City Bar Association - Committee on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Rights
  • Workplace Fairness.

As a Commissioner on the ABA’s Commission on Women, Outten & Golden partner Wendi Lazar fought for a revision of the Model Rules of Professional Conduct that would make it an ethical violation for attorneys to harass or discriminate in the course of their practices, a campaign that culminated in a vote to approve the amendment by the ABA’s House of Delegates in August 2016.

Supporting diverse communities is a critical component of who we are as a firm. For more information regarding our pro bono efforts, please visit the Commitment to Public Interest section of our website.

Additionally, Outten & Golden seeks to provide learning opportunities for its attorneys and staff. In light of the 2020 Black Lives Matter protests and the continued impact of systemic racism, the Equity and Engagement Committee provided the opportunity to participate in a 21-Day Habit-Building Challenge© focusing on racial equity. Based on the work of diversity expert Eddie Moore Jr., the challenge was a way for people to further their understanding of white privilege, white supremacy, and the experiences of Black and African Americans in the context of advancing social justice through articles, books, podcasts, and more. This challenge included additional resources suggested by the American Bar Association Section of Labor and Employment. Outten & Golden invites you to visit Equity and Engagement: Suggested Reading to access these resources and more.

Equity and Engagement Committee

Diversity, inclusiveness, and equity are fundamental to our work at Outten & Golden. As advocates for workplace fairness, we believe in diversity and inclusiveness in all employment and within our own workforce. Thus, our Equity and Engagement Committee is dedicated to promoting and fostering diversity and inclusion in every aspect of the firm. Our commitment to diversity goes beyond internal initiatives; we support increased diversity in the legal profession and in particular in expanding the participation of attorneys of color in the labor and employment bar.

The following attorneys and staff are members of the Outten & Golden Equity and Engagement Committee: