Entertainment & Talent Agreements

Employment Contracts, Partnerships & Non-Compete Agreements

Attorneys at Outten & Golden have been handling agreements for anchorpersons, producers, directors, and writers for over 25 years. We also handle executive agreements for employees in the film, television, cable, and communications industries throughout the country and internationally.

Talent contracts can be quite different from typical employment and partnership agreements. Some talent contracts can be part of union agreements and take into account industry scale as well as the current market. Another difference is that contract disputes and even discrimination matters may need to involve a union representative and the talent may have to exhaust a union procedure while working to resolve the dispute.

Entertainment and talent agreements sometimes do not involve full-time commitments by the talent as they typically have fixed and limited time periods, and the compensation arrangements are unlike those for employees and partners. Anyone considering entering into an entertainment and talent agreement should seek counsel from an Outten & Golden attorney who is familiar with the special and unusual nature of such agreements.

Non-competition and non-solicitation agreements are important elements of these entertainment and talent agreements. At Outten & Golden, we have the expertise to negotiate these agreements to insure that the executive or talent can continue to work in his or her career after leaving a particular employer.