Donning & Doffing

Wage & Overtime

Outten & Golden attorneys prosecute “donning and doffing” claims against employers for failing to pay their workers for all time worked. In certain industries, workers spend time putting on (“donning”) and taking off (“doffing”) protective clothing and gear that is mandatory for their line of work. The federal wage and hour statute (FLSA) requires that such time be paid as long as the gear is “integral and indispensable” to the worker’s “primary activity.”

Even though the actual time spent donning and doffing may be only a few minutes a day, the potential loss of wages can be substantial when those minutes are multiplied by a large number of employees over multiple pay periods. Therefore, even seemingly small violations can result in significant damages owed to workers. Outten & Golden lawyers are experienced in ensuring that employers pay employees everything they are owed.*

(*Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome.)