Customer Service Agents & Sales Representatives

Many industries rely on customer service agents and sales representatives to bring in significant revenue, positively engage with the community, and promote the reputations and interests of the companies they serve. Customer service and sales representatives are essential to their employers and deserve to be treated accordingly. When this doesn’t happen, employees need and deserve to assert their rights.

Employment-related issues that customer service and sales representatives frequently confront include:

  • Unpaid or Underpaid Commissions: Sales agents and representatives are often compensated through commissions or bonuses, which are dependent upon meeting specific goals or attaining certain quotas. Far too often, employers attempt to unlawfully reduce or withhold commissions that were rightfully earned. Many states have "sales rep" statutes that protect the rights of sales representatives to rightfully earned commissions. Careful evaluation and assessment of employment contracts and commission agreements are necessary to ensure that employers are not breaching contracts, making fraudulent or negligent misrepresentations to employees, or committing other unlawful acts to deny commissions and bonuses to which employees are entitled.
  • Discrimination: Unfortunately, customer service and sales representatives at times find themselves subjected to discrimination based upon protected characteristics like race, gender, age, disability, religion, sexual orientation, or national origin. Far too many glass ceilings need to be shattered, and everyone deserves to work in an inclusive environment free of discrimination and harassment, where they are treated fairly and with respect. All employees need to know that they can be free of retaliation or wrongful termination if they stand up for their rights or the rights of others. If an employer creates a hostile work environment in violation of these laws, you are entitled to assert your rights.
  • Contract Issues: Often, sales representatives may confront complicated contract issues. These issues may include the aforementioned commission-related matters, non-complete clauses, restrictive covenants, and numerous other contract-related matters that require guidance from a knowledgeable and experienced legal team.

There are, of course, numerous other instances in which customer service and sales representatives might need legal counsel. At Outten & Golden, we have extensive experience in fighting for the rights of employees in a wide variety of circumstances. We’ll always pursue the best legal strategies on your behalf.


At Outten & Golden, we have extensive knowledge and experience of local, state, and federal laws that offer protection to customer service and sales representatives, and we have successfully litigated a wide variety of employment claims on their behalf.*

Regardless of whether you need assistance negotiating or disputing the terms of a commission or employment contract, protecting yourself from harassment and discrimination, seeking the protection of applicable wage and hour and labor laws, or any number of other issues that may arise, our employment attorneys can help.

If you are a customer service or sales representative and need legal guidance regarding an employment issue, please contact us to discuss your circumstances with a knowledgeable and experienced Outten & Golden attorney.

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