STATUS: Resolved

Tillman et al. v. GEICO is a class action lawsuit filed on July 25, 2003, in New York State Supreme Court in Nassau County. Outten & Golden has joined with two of Texas’ top plaintiffs’ law firms, Edwards & George and Bruckner Burch, to represent the plaintiffs. The plaintiffs have brought the case under New York State law on behalf of all telephone-dedicated hourly employees who have been, or will be, employed by GEICO in its Woodbury, New York, facility at any time after July 25, 1997, through the date of final disposition of the action, who worked as telephone-dedicated employees in the Sales, Service, Direct Handling, or Claims Department. Those positions include: Sales Counselor, Sales Associate, Sales Representative, Liability Examiner, Direct Handler, Claims Representative, Liability Representative, Insurance Counselor, and Customer Service Representative.

The case seeks recovery of unpaid wages and overtime premium pay for telephone-dedicated employees who had to work before and after their scheduled telephone shifts without pay. A settlement has been reached that provides for substantial monetary relief to the class. The terms of the settlement were approved by the court in late 2004, and the case is now closed.

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