Amazon Equal Pay

STATUS: Active

UPDATED: November 21, 2023
Case Number: 2:23-cv-01774

O&G Investigates Amazon for Alleged Systematic Gender Discrimination

Outten & Golden has brought to light allegations of systemic gender discrimination at Amazon. The allegations include disparities in pay and promotion opportunities between male and female employees, impacting a significant number of female employees across various roles and levels within the company.

Are you a current or former female employee of Amazon who has experienced pay disparities, unfair promotion practices, or any other form of gender discrimination? Outten & Golden is dedicated to fighting for workplace equality and ensuring that all employees are treated fairly. We encourage you to join this investigation to help bring about change and hold Amazon accountable. Your experience and testimony could be vital in seeking justice and promoting equality within the workplace.

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Amazon sued by three employees who allege gender discrimination and ‘chronic’ pay inequity

Amazon Uses Job Codes To Pay Women Less, Suit Says

Amazon accused of systematic gender discrimination in pay

Amazon Hit With Class-Action Suit Over Sex-Based Systemic Pay Bias



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