Women at Goldman Sachs were assaulted, harassed by male bosses for years: lawsuit

September 22, 2022

Scores of women employed at Goldman Sachs more than a decade ago unsealed fresh accusations of how they were subjected for years to discrimination, sexual harassment and sexual assault by male managers at the Wall Street giant.

Explosive allegations in  newly unredacted court documents, released Thursday by attorneys representing some 1,400 plaintiffs who have filed a class-action sex discrimination lawsuit, detail  lewd and criminal behavior by senior bankers at the firm.

A judge on Thursday set a trial date of June 5, 2023, in the US Southern District of New York for the yearslong litigation.

The documents list  at least 75 reported instances of sexual misconduct  by male managers as well as seven criminal complaints  alleging serious felonies including rape, attempted rape and sexual assault.

The company was also accused of letting off managers with warnings despite repeated  complaints from female subordinates.