Deutsche Bank Increases Family Planning Benefits

Deutsche Bank
December 18, 2020

Today, Deutsche Bank announced major changes to its family planning benefits for employees, namely increasing its surrogacy benefit from $10,000 to a life-time maximum of $50,000 per employee. The increased surrogacy benefit is critical for some LGBTQI employees who currently may not be able to take advantage of other family planning benefits covered by Deutsche Bank’s health insurance plan, such as in vitro fertilization (IVF). By significantly increasing the surrogacy benefit, which Deutsche Bank has offered since 2016, employees who use a surrogate to grow their families will receive a benefit that is on par with the fertility benefit provided under Deutsche Bank’s health insurance plan.

In developing the surrogacy benefit expansion, Deutsche Bank collaborated with LGBTQI employees, including John Kimble, a former Vice President of Philanthropic Initiatives in Deutsche Bank’s Community Development Finance Group, and consulted with workplace rights experts, including … Mikael Rojas of Outten & Golden LLP.

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