Blankfein and Cohn can be deposed in gender discrimination lawsuit against Goldman Sachs: judge

Fox Business - Rob Gearty
October 20, 2020

Former top  Goldman Sachs  executives Lloyd Blankfein and Gary Cohn can be deposed in a gender  discrimination  lawsuit accusing the Wall Street firm of tolerating a Boy’s Club ” atmosphere, a New York federal judge ruled Tuesday.

The ruling on the pretrial depositions came at the end of a telephone conference in the long-running case.

What they knew is important because, as the plaintiffs point out, the buck stops there, ” Manhattan Federal Court Magistrate Judge Robert Lehrburger said, according to  Bloomberg News.

Blankfein was Goldman CEO for 12 years, and Cohn was Goldman president for 10 years.

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The 2010 lawsuit claims Goldman made biased compensation decisions and denied women opportunities they had earned, according to Bloomberg.

The four name plaintiffs alleged in the complaint that Goldman was  a boys’ club, ” where women are sexualized, paid less and given less-prestigious positions.

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In 2018 Lehrburger granted the lawsuit class-action status on behalf of more than 2,000 women.

In March, he ruled that about 1,000 of the class members must bring their claims against before an arbitrator, Bloomberg reported.

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