The Rise and Demise of the Non-Compete?

In this webinar, chaired by Mark Risk of Mark Risk PCDean M. Harvey (Partner at Lieff, Cabraser, Heimann & Bernstein LLP), James Hockin (Senior Associate at Withers),  Danny Kaufer (Senior Counsel & Co-Chair, Sports Law & Gaming Group at BLG), Dr. Johannes Traut (Partner at Seitz) and Cody Yorke (Partner at Outten & Golden) discuss the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) proposed ban on non-competition covenants in employment agreements. In particular, the panel discuss: 

  • The details of the FTC proposal, exploring its broad scope, exemptions, and potential legal ramifications of misclassifications under the exemptions. 
  • Whether the FTC proposal can be challenged and, if so, on what grounds. 
  • How other jurisdictions which have already banned non-competition clauses have fared in balancing the protections for businesses (including their confidential information) and their departing senior executives and founders.
  • The initial perception of the proposal by the FTC from the perspective of senior executives and whether other jurisdictions will follow suite after the FTC ruling.