kathleen peratis
lori l. deem

sexual harassment & sex discrimination practice group

The attorneys in Outten & Golden’s sexual harassment & sex discrimination practice group have been fighting for employees’ rights to sexual-harassment free workplaces for decades. Our lawyers have represented and counseled hundreds of individuals who must consider their options when faced with a sexually hostile environment in the workplace. The co-chairs of the practice group and most of the attorneys and staff in this practice group are women. We understand the dynamics of sexual harassment and sex discrimination. We have a proven record of accomplishment in asserting our clients' rights and enforcing employers' responsibilities in cases of sexual harassment and sex discrimination. 

Each client at Outten & Golden LLP has the opportunity to work directly with an experienced employment lawyer who will offer knowledgeable advice and guidance about possible options. Our goal is to end the sexual harassment and, when appropriate, to hold the harasser and the employer accountable. Our attorneys thoroughly assess and investigate each case and determine what method of dispute resolution is most likely to achieve a desirable result for our client.

Please visit www.workharassment.net for more information.

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