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The highly-skilled executive employment lawyers at Outten & Golden LLP have a strong reputation for providing exemplary legal services to executives and partners in all aspects of employment law. From contract negotiations to discrimination claims, the executive attorneys at Outten & Golden LLP take great pride in protecting employee rights in all stages of the employment process. Contact us today to speak to an attorney about your case.

What Types of Executive Matters Do We Handle?

Our DC executive employment lawyers handle all employment-related legal matters. Some of the most common include:

Breach of Contract 

If your employer is in breach of your employment contract, you may be able to obtain compensation by suing for damages. As it is always our goal to avoid litigation, a breach of contract lawyer at Outten & Golden LLP will strive to resolve the matter outside of court. But we are prepared to take your case to trial and fight tirelessly to get you the compensation you deserve.

Your employment contract will likely limit the forum in which you can enforce your rights via an arbitration clause. If no such limit exists, however, you can bring a lawsuit against your employer in state or federal court. Even if you are limited to arbitration, breach of contract awards can be substantial. In fact, we won what is possibly the largest arbitration award in an employment case—$71.5 million for a breach involving a profit participation plan.

Confidentiality & NDA

When entering into an employment agreement, many executives are asked to sign confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements. At the end of employment, these same executives are often asked to sign a separation or severance agreement. In both cases, it is critical to have an executive attorney review these legally-binding contracts before signing. You are under no obligation to sign anything, and doing so may not be in your best interest. Both employment agreements and severance agreements can be negotiated, and an experienced NDA lawyer can help to ensure that negotiations work in your favor.

Employee Stock Plans

Executives are typically offered stock plans, many of which contain non-competition, confidentiality, and non-solicitation obligations. Stock plans govern the executive’s grant of stock or other ownership interest, and may include:

• Employee stock ownership plans (ESOP)

• Stock options plans

• Stock purchase plans (ESPP)

• Section 401(k) plans

Whether you wish to have an attorney review an employment or severance agreement as it pertains to stock plans, or your employer is refusing to comply with the terms of your stock plan, the DC executive employment lawyers at Outten & Golden LLP can help.

Employment Agreements & Executive Agreements

If you are terminated, laid off, or leave your employer, the terms contained in an executive employment agreement can protect you and/or they can have serious consequences. An experienced DC employment attorney will review these agreements, negotiate for favorable terms, and ensure that you are protected from unfair and unreasonable obligations.

Non-Compete Provisions & Disputes

It is in your best interest to avoid signing any type of employment agreement without first consulting your lawyer. The executive lawyers at Outten & Golden LLP can negotiate and draft non-compete provisions that will allow you to fulfill your obligations to your employer while not imposing unfair restrictions on your future career plans. 

Offer Letters 

An offer letter is a written agreement that outlines the executive’s compensation and benefits package. These agreements often contain non-competition and other legally-binding obligations on the employee, and should always be reviewed by an executive employment attorney before signing.

Partnership Agreements

Partnership agreements are common in law firms, medical practices, investment firms, accounting firms, and other professional businesses. These agreements can be highly complex, involving complicated structures and rules of governance. If you are entering into, departing, or renegotiating a partnership, it is in your best interest to have an executive employment lawyer review the agreement before you sign.

Physician Agreements

When physicians enter a practice, they typically enter into a partnership agreement, which outlines issues related to licensure, hospital privileges, and the physician’s obligations and rights when they depart the practice. Ensuring that any non-competition and non-solicitation provisions are not overly broad, and that the physician’s rights and best interests are protected requires the assistance of an executive lawyer with specific experience in physician agreements.

Retention and Change & Control Agreements

The purpose of a retention and change & control agreement is usually two-fold: to outline the executive’s compensation package, and to protect them from being forced to remain employed if an adverse employment action occurs during reorganization. The DC executive employment attorneys at Outten & Golden LLP will review your retention and change in control agreement to ensure that the complex language protects your rights and best interests.

Trade Secrets

A trade secret is valuable, business-related information that has not been made public. Executives may be required to protect trade secrets, even without a confidentiality agreement. When an employee or former employee divulges trade secret information, an employer may file a lawsuit for misappropriation. If you are being sued for misappropriating a trade secret, it is critical to speak with a trade secret attorney immediately.

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If you need assistance with any employment-related matter, the skilled legal team at Outten & Golden LLP can help. We have an impressive track record of resolving our clients legal issues in a timely, economical manner, and of obtaining the results our clients want and deserve. Do not attempt to handle these complex matters without the help of experienced legal counsel by your side. Contact the executive employment lawyers at Outten & Golden LLP today.

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