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The End of Unpaid Internships?

The Takeaway—Kristen Meinzer and John Hockenberry

Unpaid accounting intern on the film “Black Swan,” Eric Glatt is interviewed by John Hockenberry on The Takeaway.

It has become an American white collar tradition. While most young people work menial jobs in restaurants and shops, those who can afford to work without pay pursue internships in coveted fields like publishing, media, and government. The hope, of course, is to get one’s foot in the door, and maybe learn a little bit along the way.

But after months of working as an unpaid accounting intern on the film “Black Swan,” Eric Glatt came to believe something was terribly wrong with the system. And so he and fellow intern Alexander Footman sued Fox Searchlight, the production company behind the film. In a landmark decision that came down late Tuesday afternoon, a federal judge ruled in their favor.

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