Professional Recognition

Outten & Golden has carried the highest rating by Martindale Hubbell since its inception. The Firm is also listed in Martindale-Hubbell's Bar Register of preeminent lawyers and law firms.

A number of Outten & Golden Lawyers have been listed in Best Lawyers for many years. Wayne N. Outten has been listed as Best Lawyer annually since 1987, and specifically in the categories of Labor & Employment Law (listed 2010 - 2022) and Litigation—Labor & Employment (2011 - 2022). The Firm is listed as a New York City Tier One firm. For 2022, partner Wendi Lazar has been named Lawyer of the Year. The 2022 edition also lists partners Adam T. Klein (2008 – 2022), Laurence S. Moy (2007 – 2022), Justin M. Swartz (2016 – 2022), Wendi S. Lazar (2012 – 2022), Tammy Marzigliano (2018 – 2022), Darnley D. Stewart (2009 – 2022), Susan E. Huhta (2019 – 2022), Cara E. Greene (2020 – 2022), Kathleen Peratis (2020 – 2022), Jahan C. Sagafi (2020 – 2022), Jennifer Schwartz (2021 - 2022) as having been recognized by Best Lawyers®, along with the firm's Senior Counsel, Lewis Steel (1989 – 2022). Two attorneys have joined the Best Lawyers list: Gregory S. Chiarello (2022) and Amy Shulman (2022). Additionally Deidre A. Aaron (2021 - 2022), Cassandra W. Lenning (2021 - 2022), Christopher M. McNerney (2021 - 2022), and Michael J. Scimone (2021 - 2022), were listed to Best Lawyers: Ones to Watch.

Outten & Golden Chair and Founding Partner Wayne N. Outten was listed as one of the top 100 Super Lawyers in the NY Metro area (2006 – 2014). In 2021 alone, Outten & Golden had 33 attorneys named to Super Lawyers. Selected to New York Metro Super Lawyers: Wayne N. Outten, Laurence S. Moy, and Darnley D. Stewart (2006 – 2021); Adam T. Klein (2007 – 2021), Kathleen Peratis (2008 – 2021), Wendi S. Lazar (2012 – 2021); and Tammy Marzigliano and Ossai Miazad (2013 – 2021). Newly selected for 2021 are Molly A. Brooks and Amy F. Shulman. Several attorneys have been selected to both New York Metro Rising Stars (RS) and Super Lawyers (SL): Justin M. Swartz (RS 2011 – 2012, SL 2013 – 2021), Cara E. Greene (RS 2012, SL 2013 – 2021), Gregory Chiarello (RS 2017 – 2019, SL 2020-2021), and Michael J. Scimone (RS 2015 – 2020, SL 2021). The following attorneys have been selected to New York Metro Rising Stars: Katherine Blostein (2014 – 2021), Deirdre A. Aaron (2016 – 2021), Melissa Lardo Stewart (2017 – 2021), and Christopher McNerney (2017 – 2021). Newly selected for 2021 are Amy Biegelsen, Michael C. Danna, Nina R. Frank, Sabine Jean, Kendall Onyendu, Allison Van Kampen, and Chauniqua D. Young. Previously, Senior Counsel Lewis Steel was selected for New York Metro Super Lawyers (2007 – 2009).

In San Francisco, Jahan C. Sagafi was selected to Northern California Rising Stars (2009 – 2011), and then selected to Northern California Super Lawyers (2014 – 2021). Jennifer Schwartz has been selected to Northing California Super Lawyers (2014 – 2021). Menaka Fernando has been selected to Northern California Rising Stars (2018 – 2021). 

In Washington D.C., Susan Huhta has been selected to DC Super Lawyers (2019 – 2021). Melissa E. Washington (2017 – 2021) and Cassandra W. Lenning (2019 – 2021) have been selected to DC Rising Stars. Newly selected to DC Rising Stars for 2021 are Mikael Rojas and Pooja Shethji.

Wayne Outten has been selected for the Lawdragon 500 Leading Litigators in America (2006), 500 Leading Lawyers in America (2005 - 2019), Lawdragon Legend 2015, and to the Lawdragon 500 Hall of Fame (2020). Adam T. Klein was selected for the Lawdragon 500 Leading Lawyers in America (2012 - 2021), and Wendi S. Lazar was selected for the Lawdragon 500 Leading Lawyers in America (2013 - 2021). Tammy Marzigliano and Laurence S. Moy were newly selected to the Lawdragon 500 Leading Lawyers for 2021.

Outten & Golden is proud to announce that 24 of its attorneys have been named to the Lawdragon 500 Leading Plaintiff Employment Lawyers: Wayne N. Outten, Adam T. Klein, Katherine Blostein, Molly Brooks, Cara E. Greene, Wendi S. Lazar, Tammy Marzigliano, Ossai Miazad, Laurence S. Moy, Kathleen Peratis, Jahan C. Sagafi, and Justin M. Swartz (2018-2021). Also named to this list have been Darnley D. Stewart (2018), Susan E. Huhta (2019 – 2021), Amy F. Shulman (2019 – 2021); Melissa E. Washington, Gregory S. Chiarello, and Michael J. Scimone (2020-2021). Deirdre Aaron, Menaka Fernando, Christopher McNerney, Jennifer Schwartz, Nicholas Sikon, Melissa Stewart, and Chauniqua Young were named to the Leading Plaintiff Employment Lawyers list for the first time in 2021.

For 2021, Adam Klein was named to the Legal 500 Hall of Fame. Justin Swartz and Christopher McNerney have been listed in the Legal 500 directory under Labor and employment disputes (including collective actions): plaintiff, along with "Next Generation" partners Ossai Miazad and Molly Brooks. Cara Greene was also named to the elite "Leading Lawyers" list for 2021.

From The Legal 500 United States 2020: Outten & Golden LLP's team is specialized in representing employees, executives and partners on the plaintiff side of a variety of disputes. Areas of expertise include acting in class actions, litigation and arbitration in harassment and discrimination, wage and overtime, and terminations related proceedings, among others. Managing partner Adam Klein is an expert in handling class actions in particular in the financial services and technology industry. Cara Greene is highly involved in the firm's family responsibility and disability discrimination practice group. San Francisco-based Jahan Sagafi is a specialist in exploitation class actions. Other prominent practitioners are Tammy Marzigliano, Molly Brooks, Darnley Stewart, Justin Swartz, Wendi Lazar, as well Laurence Moy, Kathleen Peratis, and Ossai Miazad. Founding partner Wayne Outten chairs the firm. Individuals are based in New York unless otherwise stated.

Law360 first honored Outten & Golden as a Practice Group of the Year for 2016, citing the strength and resources of its class action practice group. The firm then made the list for 2017, not only in the employment law area, but also in the bankruptcy category following its U.S. Supreme Court victory on behalf of thousands of workers whose rights to notice and compensation under the federal WARN ACT were violated during a mass layoff. In 2018, O&G was named Practice Group of the Year in employment law by Law360, and again in 2019. Having received this honor again in 2020, O&G has now been named Employment Practice Group of the Year for five consecutive years.

Several Outten & Golden LLP attorneys have been inducted as Fellows of the College of Labor & Employment: Wayne N. Outten (1996), Laurence S. Moy (2010), Anne Golden – (2012, now Emeritus Fellow), Adam T. Klein (2012), Wendi S. Lazar (2014), and Kathleen Peratis (2019).