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Price Chopper Faces Lawsuit Over Unpaid Overtime Wages

Time Warner Cable News—Madeleine Rivera

Price Chopper is facing a class action lawsuit after a Western Massachusetts former employee claims the supermarket chain failed to pay her overtime wages.

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"Your duties have to fall under certain duties requirements," said Rachel Bien. Attorney Rachel Bien is one of the people handling that lawsuit. Her client, Shelly Davine, worked as a team leader at three Price Chopper stores in the Berkshires.

Davine claims to have regularly worked more than 40 hours per week. But, she says she was never compensated for the extra hours because as a team leader, she was salaried and exempt from overtime.

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"She spent the vast majority of her time providing customer service, working alongside overtime eligible workers, and doing the same kind of work they did," said Bien.

Price Chopper released a statement, saying: "With regard to compliance with wage and hour laws, we are very familiar with their requirements and the analysis that must be done to make sure that employees are paid accordingly. We take our obligations to our employees seriously and take the necessary steps to en sure that we comply with the law.”

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Davine aims to collect three years worth of overtime pay. She also hopes that several people in her position will join her case.