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Marital Status

Marital status discrimination may not be the most common kind of unlawful discrimination, but it does occur, and Outten & Golden attorneys represent people who have suffered from it. Marital status discrimination means discriminating against an employee because of his or her marital situation, whatever it may be – married, separated, divorced, single, or widowed. For instance, discrimination against an unmarried woman who is pregnant may be not only pregnancy discrimination but also marital status discrimination.

When an employer treats an employee worse than others because of the employee’s marital status, whether with respect to her or his compensation, promotion opportunities, hiring, termination, or in another significant way, our attorneys can advise the employee about alternatives and help the employee use both legal and non-legal leverage to achieve the best possible resolution. That resolution may involve advising the employee without publicizing that the employee has an attorney; negotiating directly with the employer’s attorney; or undertaking adversarial proceedings such as a lawsuit or arbitration.

The attorneys at Outten & Golden understand that employees’ marital status is not relevant to their ability to do a job and should not be relevant to employers’ decisions about them. We zealously protect people’s right to be free from this kind of discrimination. If you believe you have been subjected to discrimination based on your marital status, please contact the firm through the ”Contact Us" form or by calling us in the New York, San Francisco or Washington, DC office (see bottom of page for phone numbers) to begin the Outten & Golden intake process.

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