Appellate Support

Outten & Golden LLP is experienced in the representation of employees with deep knowledge of state and federal employment law and a history of sophisticated, leading-edge advocacy that gets results. Our lawyers have appellate experience at every level of the judiciary: in the U.S. Supreme Court; nearly every federal court of appeals; the New York State Supreme Court, Appellate Division; and the appellate and supreme courts of other jurisdictions.

Appellate representation of employees is a unique field. Even the best trial court practitioners benefit from assistance by those with more experience arguing appeals. After all, when a lawyer has worked non-stop on a case for years—investing time and resources—it is difficult to take a step back and see the case from the perspective of a typical, disinterested appellate judge.

Outten & Golden LLP can assist lawyers, and directly represent employees, in appeals around the United States. Our experience and successes in federal and state appeals can help recharge a case, or defend a good result.

Outten & Golden LLP will, for a reasonable fixed fee, review your case and assess your strongest arguments. We can review, edit, and write briefs, and argue appeals on professional terms that best suit your circumstances.

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