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Outten & Golden Partners Recognized as Leading Lawyers on Lawdragon 500 List

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Outten & Golden LLP is pleased to announce that managing partner Wayne N. Outten and partner Adam T. Klein have been selected as Leading Lawyers on the Lawdragon 500 List of the top 500 lawyers in the United States.

Wayne N. Outten is the founding and managing partner of Outten & Golden LLP. His practice focuses exclusively on representing individuals in all areas of employment law. He co-chairs the firm’s Executives and Professionals Practice Group.

Mr. Outten’s notable cases include a recovery of $12 million in a gender discrimination/retaliation case against Morgan Stanley1 in federal court and (with partner Laurence S. Moy) a $18.9 million arbitration award in a breach of contract case against Deutsche Bank and a $72.0 million arbitration award against another major international bank — one of the largest arbitration awards in an employment case.

Mr. Outten has been and is a founding member, officer, board member and leader of numerous professional associations, including the National Employment Lawyers Association (NELA) (officer and board member), the New York affiliate of NELA (president), the College of Labor and Employment Lawyers (board member), the Section of Labor and Employment Law of the American Bar Association (vice-chair), the New York State Bar Association's Labor & Employment Law Section, and the Employment Disputes Committee of the CPR Institute for Dispute Resolution. He is a co-founder and officer of Workplace Fairness, a charitable/educational organization.

Mr. Outten has also lectured extensively on employment law, especially on negotiation, mediation, and arbitration of employment disputes, on employment and severance agreements, and on retaliation and whistleblower claims at hundreds of conventions, conferences, meetings, and programs. He is a widely published author whose work is frequently found in legal and popular publications.

Adam T. Klein focuses his practice on the prosecution of class actions and impact litigation of employment discrimination and wage-and-hour claims. Mr. Klein is co- chair of Outten & Golden's Class & Collective Actions Practice Group

Mr. Klein currently serves as lead or co-lead plaintiffs' counsel in numerous major class action lawsuits involving discrimination claims in the financial services industry and challenges to the use of credit and criminal history records for employment decisions. At present, Mr. Klein is co-lead plaintiffs’ counsel in lawsuits challenging employment practices at Goldman Sachs2, Bank of America/Merrill Lynch3 and the federal Census Bureau4. The Census Bureau litigation was filed in affiliation with a consortium of civil-rights organizations challenging the use of criminal history records as a screen for employment for over 700,000 applicants. Mr. Klein also prosecutes wage-and-hour class/collective actions against many major corporations and was counsel in major settlements involving IBM5, Whirlpool6, JP Morgan Chase7, and other Fortune 500 companies.

In addition, Mr. Klein serves as co-lead plaintiffs' counsel in nationwide discrimination class action lawsuits against Smith Barney8 (gender - Amochaev v. Smith Barney) and Morgan Stanley9 (race - Jaffe v. Morgan Stanley). Both the Amochaev and Jaffe cases are now settled, and each settlement provides class members with substantial monetary relief and creates systematic changes to company practices. Mr. Klein also served as co-lead plaintiffs' class counsel in a "glass ceiling" gender discrimination class action against MetLife10, based on discrimination in promotions and compensation, which resulted in a settlement that created beneficial changes in the company.

Mr. Klein has testified before the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and Congress on issues relating to employment law. Mr. Klein also is a frequent lecturer and has participated in programs relating to employment law sponsored by the American Constitutional Society, the Institute for Judicial Administration, the American Bar Association, Cornell University, Georgetown University Law School, New York University School of Law, the Law Education Institute, the Practicing Law Institute, the National Employment Lawyers Association, the Bar Association of the City of New York, the Impact Fund, the American Conference Institute, and Strafford Publications.

The Lawdragon 500 list is created through an extensive selection process that combines peer review and editorial research to evaluate more than 25,000 lawyers, creating, according to Lawdragon, Inc., “the most elite guide in the profession.”

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About Outten & Golden

Outten & Golden focuses on advising and representing individuals in employment, partnership, and related workplace matters. The firm counsels individuals on employment and severance agreements; handles complex compensation and benefits issues (including bonuses, commissions, and stock/ option agreements); and advises professionals (including doctors and lawyers) on contractual issues. It also represents employees with a wide variety of claims, including discrimination and harassment based on sex, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, race, disability, national origin, religion, and age, as well as retaliation, whistleblower, and contract claims. The firm handles class action involving a wide range of employment issues, including economic exploitation, gender- and race-based discrimination, wage-and-hour violations, violations of the WARN Act, and other systemic workers' rights issues.

Outten & Golden has offices in New York, Illinois and Connecticut.

Contact: Wayne N. Outten, Managing Partner (212) 245-1000