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Joint Statement from CVC Capital Partners and Lisa Lee Regarding the Dismissal of Lee v. CVC Capital Partners, et al

PRNewswire—Outten & Golden LLP

CVC Capital Partners and Lisa Lee issued the following statement regarding the dismissal of the lawsuit Lee v. CVC Capital Partners, et al:

“CVC Capital Partners and Lisa Lee have reached a confidential agreement to resolve Ms. Lee’s claims. Both parties believe that the private equity industry benefits from the diversity of its talent and that continuing to recruit and develop a diverse pool is an important goal. As part of its ongoing initiatives in this area, CVC will consult with Ms. Lee over the coming months regarding matters of diversity and inclusion, including improving opportunities for women.” 

Ms. Lee is represented by Kathleen Peratis and Cara E. Greene of Outten & Golden LLP. 

CVC Capital Partners is represented by Patrick Shea and Marc Bernstein of Paul Hastings LLP.

Media Contacts: Cara E. Greene, Outten & Golden LLP, New York, (212) 245-1000, ext. 9843 for Lisa Lee. Marc Bernstein, Paul Hastings LLP, (212) 318-6907 for CVC Capital Partners.