Equity and Engagement: Suggested Reading

Anti-black racism in the U.S. runs wide and deep.  The severe consequences have existed for generations.  The year 2020 placed in stark relief the cost of structural racism and white supremacy on Black lives at the hands of law enforcement, the criminal justice system, the health care system and the labor market.  In an effort to promote anti-racist and anti-bias learning the Equity and Engagement Committee provided attorneys and staff the opportunity to participate in a 21-Day Racial Equity Habit-Building Challenge©. Based on the work of diversity expert Eddie Moore Jr., this challenge was a way to further ones understanding of white privilege and white supremacy in the context of advancing social justice. The committee used resources from Moore Jr.'s work with additional content suggested by the American Bar Association Section of Labor and Employment to build the following list to read, watch, and listen.

The articles, reports, podcasts, and videos below cover a range of historical and contemporary perspectives on being Black in America and the impacts of white privilege and systemic racism. The sections 'listen,' 'read,' and 'watch' were utilized in Outten & Golden's Racial Justice challenge. The additional resources section provides further supplemental resources for continued learning about racial equity and social justice. 





Additional Resources: