Wotta Crock! Suit vs. Fondue Spot

New York Daily News - Scott Shifrel
June 18, 2010

A TRENDY FRENCH restaurant was sued yesterday for stiffing the help by pinching their tips.

The high-end Artisanal Fromagerie & Bistro allegedly violated labor laws by grabbing gratuities left for busboys, waiters and other workers and redistributing the wealth to the better paid maitre d’ and cheese counter specialists.

“We hope this lawsuit will convince restaurateurs across the city not to take tips intended to reward the service staff and use them to supplement the pay of salaried managers,” said lawyer Rachel Bien, part of the team that filed the class action suit in Manhattan Federal Court yesterday.

The suit, which does not ask for specific damages, accuses the fondue spot’s chef and owner, Terrance Brennan, of violating state and federal work rules by deducting money for uniforms and failing to keep accurate records.

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