Waiters Sue Waldorf-Astoria for Stiffing Them on Tips and Wages

New York Daily News - Alison Gendar
February 25, 2010

The Waldorf-Astoria hotel is a great place to visit – but you wouldn’t want to work there, some employees claimed in a lawsuit over tips Thursday.

Nine disgruntled banquet waiters filed a federal class-action lawsuit claiming they were stiffed on tips and wages.

The suit claims customers believe the 21.5% service charge tacked onto food and booze goes entirely to wait staff.

Instead, the Park Ave. hotel turns over 15% to staff and keeps 6.5% for management.

“The Waldorf doesn’t give its diners part of a meal. It doesn’t give its guest part of a room. So it should not give its staff only part of the tips,” said lawyer Justin M. Swartz.

“The Waldorf … is hardly the only major hotel that is involved in this practice, and we are actively looking into those other cases.”

The suit, filed against corporate owner, Hilton Worldwide, claims the contested wages total more than $5 million, but damages were not specified.