The ABA Passed This Professional Conduct Rule To Keep Women Lawyers From Suffering In Silence

Above the Law Staci Zaretsky
August 12, 2016

“My clients have had male colleagues expose themselves in conference rooms, grope them in limousines after a hard day in the office, and threaten them that if they would not have sex in the bathroom at a retreat, they would not be promoted to lead counsel in a litigation.

These women need protection, and they need a remedy. Firms don’t want to punish their partners, and judges often are reluctant to police their own. So in the end there is no justice for victims of discrimination.”

Wendi S. Lazar, a member of the ABA Commission on Women in the Profession, addressing the ABA House of Delegates before a new professional conduct rule addressing the prohibition of attorneys discriminating against or harassing their colleagues in the practice of law was passed.

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